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What to expect on my canine photoshoot?

Dog photoshoots with MHG Photography

We're all dog lovers here and know that each and every pooch has its own unique personality and wants.

Our goal with every dog and puppy shoot is to ensure that they and their owners have the best time possible and get photos they love!


Where would you recommend for dog photoshoot locations near Teesside?

There are so many great dog-friendly locations with beautiful scenery, here are some of our top pics near Teesside:

Of course, we are always open to areas of suggestion and your own gardens as long as there is sufficient room.

Older Dogs

I have an older dog who can't walk far or shoot for too long, is it still possible to get photos of them?

Absolutely, we're here to cater to your dog's needs first and foremost. We can present options on location-friendly areas, with minimal walking distance and even footing. We can also shoot in the safety of your own garden at home, to ensure your dog is as comfortable and as happy as possible.

Dog and Owner Shoots

Can I have photos of my dog on its own and some with me?

Yes and yes! We love to involve owners in our shoots as much as possible. So if you'd like to be in the photos too, don't hesitate to ask. If you're looking for some pre-shoot inspiration for poses together, be sure to check out Pinterest. If you see something you like, be sure to send it to us and we can help you achieve your ideal results.

Dog Birthday Shoot

Do you shoot dog birthdays and dog maternity photos?

Our honest answer...yes! Why the heck not, we're always open to ideas and know just the place for all your dog-friendly special occasion treats and birthday cakes! Wags & Whiskers Pet Boutique and Cafe have just about everything you could wish for to accompany your dog on their birthday or maternity photo shoot.

Puppy Photoshoots

Can we get a photoshoot with our new puppy?

Like every other human being with a beating heart, we adore puppies! So we'd never miss out on the opportunity to photograph them, from newborn puppies, maternity dog shoots, new additions to the family or birthday milestones we shoot them all!

Looking for inspiration? Head to Pinterest, we found this gorgeous shoot by Canadian photographer Diamond View Photography.

What to bring

Do I need to bring anything to my dog shoot?

In most cases you really don't need much, if your dog is particularly fixated on a toy or treat - it may be a good idea to bring it along if it will help them stay focused and strike a pose. It's great to bring along a friend or partner to help whilst shooting, you'll often find a second pair of hands is really appreciated and makes shooting multiple dogs much easier!

  • Don't forget your poo bags

  • A toy/treats if your dog gets fixated and standstill when they're insight

  • An extra pair of hands

For more information or to book your canine photoshoot get in touch here 👇🏽

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