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Gift Vouchers

Unlock the gift of timeless memories with MHG Photography's versatile gift vouchers.

Whether it's celebrating the delicate beauty of a newborn, capturing the love and joy of weddings, or empowering entrepreneurs with striking commercial shoots, our vouchers offer the perfect way to share the magic of photography.

Give the gift of cherished moments that last a lifetime. With MHG Photography's vouchers, you're not just offering a present; you're gifting the opportunity to capture and preserve the essence of life's most precious milestones.


Explore our range of vouchers tailored to cater to every special occasion and elevate the art of gifting today in both physical or digital form.

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"Oh Megan, they are absolutely gorgeous thank you so much! I can’t believe how much she has changed already from them.We'll definitely be in touch for future shoots, thank you so much again"


At Home New Born

Gift the joy of eternal memories with our newborn photoshoot gift vouchers—capturing the innocence and love of new beginnings beautifully.


Treasure togetherness forever with our family photoshoot gift vouchers—capturing love, laughter, and the beautiful bonds that define your family.


Gallop into memories with our equestrian photoshoot gift vouchers—capturing the grace, connection, and spirit between rider and horse.

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Cherish your furry friend forever with our pet photoshoot gift vouchers—capturing their playful spirit and unconditional love beautifully framed.



Contribute toward their wedding day with a wedding gift voucher that captures the greatest day of their lives.



Help budding entrepreneurs on their way to business success with high-quality photo content for their marketing.

"They are absolutely gorgeous, everything I wanted you captured perfectly, I cannot thank you enough and no doubt I will be in touch very soon! Thank you so much again."


Customise your voucher

Discover the perfect gift with our range of versatile vouchers! Whether you're aiming for a complete photoshoot package or seeking a more flexible option, our vouchers start as low as £10.


This thoughtful gift allows your loved ones to choose and redeem against their preferred shoot or prints, ensuring they get precisely what they desire to capture their cherished moments.

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