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Beach Trippin'

Finally getting a break in the Great British weather of 2020, meant a beach trip for these two horse-loving best friends. Seaton Carew was the ideal spot for Melvyn's first ever experience of sea and sand and boy did he enjoy it!

"I'm soaking!"

Emily and Christie were soaked from head to toe but absolutely loved every minute. They'd used Redmire Horsebox Hire, based just outside of Leyburn to get themselves there safely. They couldn't believe they'd been able to hire such a lovely box at just £50 for a half-day!

All the brands

The girls were decked out in some of the most popular current equestrian brands. With breeches from Aztec Diamond Equestrian, Dublin boots, Pom Pops and Foxy Tweed hat silks. Melvyn and Enzo weren't left out either,a Micklem Bridle, Shires brushing boots, Le Mieux saddle pads and Schockemohle sport numnah.

What they had to say, "I would 100% recommend, such a lovely talented lady! Couldn't be happier with my photos I love them all." - Christie Short.

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