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Life After Isolation

We're pretty sure everyone's daydreaming about everything they're going to do after isolation ends and we're free to go and do what we like once again. No one is quite sure what life will be like after the COVID-19 nightmare is over, however, we've got some good tips to help get you prepared and give you something to look forward to whilst stuck in at home.


Just like millions of others around the globe we adore Pinterest. It has so many great uses, meal ideas, fitness motivation, interior design, DIY and so much more!

We use the platform for shoot inspiration, photography tips and creating our own backgrounds. Something new this week though is our 'Life After Isolation' board, filled with everything we want to do when the coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

We've started putting our ideas down and first on our list was hitting the beach with our dog Maggie and then a HUGE BBQ with all the family! Pretty much everyone has had all their plans, events and holidays thrown into uncertainty and we know the feeling. The anniversary trip to Amsterdam and the annual trip to visit my best friend in Philadelphia are on hold...for now.

So what is it you're dreaming of after isolation, what's the first thing on your to-do list?

Add it to your board! If you don't already have Pinterest, it's easy to create an account and get pinning away within minutes. Get planning future trips, what DIY you can do whilst stuck at home, find ideas to beat boredom, get new at-home workout ideas, discover new passions and hobbies. Find you shoot inspiration for MHG Photography ;)

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Happy Pinning! Let us know what your life after isolation board looks like.

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