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It's all gone up in smoke!

So we're into the 4th week of lock down now and it's all gone up in smoke! Diffuser smoke that is...

If you follow us on social media you'll of seen are latest collaboration with Calder's Kitchen, bringing their fiery Sillylilli to life 🔥 what you may not have seen is just how we managed it. Now there's a lot to be said about trying to create pyrotechnics during lockdown. Let's just say it's amazing what you can achieve with a Victsing diffuser, some Sunday Rain charcoal exfoliating cubes , a cardboard box and tea lights haha!

Don't believe us? Here's the raw behind the scenes we didn't want you to see 😬

Of course there's a little more than just camera trickery that goes into these types of shot. A little editing and some photoshop helped to pull each element together and truly make this image stand out.

Whenever we're developing product shot ideas, we really look into what that product evokes. Especially with taste it's important to create a visual interpretation of what a consumer can expect. With the fiery Scoth Bonnet Chilli being a main ingredient of Calder's Sillililli it was a no brainer to use fire.

We can certainly vouch for the flavour too! We've been whipping up a storm with these stunning piccalilli flavours, check out our Turkey Mince Piccalilli Burgers 🤤 Turns out piccalilli is just about great on everything!

If we've just added to your lockdown cravings, please forgive us. Here's some crazy food photography hacks, that you'll definitely NOT want to eat. From adding glue to cheese and pouring petrol oil over pancakes instead of Maple Syrup, you'll never look at food photography the same:

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