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How to plan and prepare for your corporate photoshoot

The ultimate guide to maximising your investment in a corporate photoshoot

Sign Design team photos
Sign Design team photos

Having high-definition, polished images on your business's website, email signatures, social media, and LinkedIn profiles are a sure-fire way to present a professional and reliable image to potential clients. The truth is, like other marketing channels, good-quality photographs are an investment and should be treated accordingly. At MHG Photography we want to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and have compiled a list of the do's and don'ts to help make sure that your corporate shoot is the best investment you've made to date!

Developing a Brief

First things first, you should have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve with your new images. Do you have a brand new office that you'd like to showcase, new team members, looking for a refresh of current images, or have a brand new website that you'd like to show off and steer away from overused stock images which may well be in use on your competitor's sites too? There are many reasons you may be in need of corporate images and every business has something unique about them which is exactly what we'd like to convey. A brief doesn't have to be overly complicated, even a word document with what you would like shots of is a great start for your photographer.

You can also ask your photographer for help and advice with your brief if you are unsure, however, you shouldn't expect your photographer to turn up on the day and tell them just to 'shoot what they think.' A photographer is there to capture what you need, not to come up with images on the spot. They can certainly present ideas to you and find inspiration on the day; however, it's crucial that you know this approach will likely end up leaving you disappointed, wishing you had captured more and out of pocket needing an additional shoot.

Cupral Middlesbrough Lifestyle Workmen
Cupral Middlesbrough Lifestyle Workmen

Some questions to ask yourself when preparing a brief:

  • What are your images for?

Website, social media, LinkedIn, lifestyle, print promotions or PR.

  • Who do you want to be captured and in what way?

Upper management, floor workers, front of house. Do you simply want headshots, or would you like images of staff performing their roles.

  • Do you want your images to be posed (looking to the camera) or natural and unaware of the camera?

Depending on the images you'd like to get, a mix of these types of images can be a powerful combination and gives you better variety, especially if being used across your social media.

  • Are there any wow factor areas in your office or premises that you'd like your customers to see

You may have a feature wall, quotes, work examples, a showroom, or an area that would draw clients eye's. If you're unsure you can always mark them on your brief and then take your photographer on a tour when they arrive and see if they feel that it would make a good image.

Sign Design's feature wall
Sign Design's feature wall
Remember No one knows your business or staff better than you, so spend time thinking about how you want to be represented and what you want to show off about your business.


The Original Mortgage Company Hartlepool
The Original Mortgage Company Hartlepool

Headshots are the most requested corporate shoots we get, it's a great way to showcase your team whether it be on your 'Get to know us' page or to help their LinkedIn profiles stand out against others.

  • Have a dedicated area assigned for headshots, in-front of a clear wall. With room for lighting if this is a darker space.

  • Be prepared, give your staff plenty of notice and they can ensure they’re presentable.

  • Ask people with long hair to ensure they have a comb to keep hair out of their face.

  • If you’re wearing black be sure to have a lint roller on hand. It may not look it in person, but dust, hairs and bobbles really show on photographs!

Encourage positive conversations with your staff regarding their photos. Not many people love having their photos taken and indulge in negative self-talk from the moment you tell them that they're going to have their photos taken. Negativity like this can often breed more and quickly spread around the office in the build-up to your photographer's visit. Here are some tips to help them feel more confident and positive about the experience.

  • It is a much more relaxed experience than you would expect and the photographer is there to give you direction and encouragement. A photographer's job, quite literally is to make you look good! So trust in the process and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

  • You will get multiple photos, so you have the choice to use your favourite and won't be stuck with just one.

  • If there is something you are self-conscious of, speak to the photographer; we're not here to judge and whether your having a breakout or don't know how to pose we have tricks up our sleeves and of course photoshop.

  • This is a great way to present yourself and will help you in work, build new relationships and appear more professional.


Not everyone is a natural model and we don't expect them to be. However, being open to taking direction from your photographer and allowing yourself to trust their approach will help make your images all the better.

  • Don’t hide behind others in team photos, you’ll only make it more awkward to have to move back into a position where you can be seen and you drag the process out for your other team members.

  • If there is something you’re really not comfortable with, then communicate it. It is more than ok and it’ll help ensure you feel more relaxed and that’s when the magic happens!

  • It may seem like your photographer is taking some rather bizarre angles or you feel like you're in a strange pose, however, the camera tells a completely different story. If you're unsure ask your photographer and they can even show you the image if you don't feel that you're understanding them correctly.

If you're feeling unsure, take a deep breath and communicate with your photographer. At the end of the day, great photos are a story between the subject and the photographer. You should both feel clear and content with what you're trying to achieve together.


Housekeeping is extremely important prior to your shoot day!

A photographer will be charging for time on site and if you have left your tidying until the day, you'll be losing out on precious shooting time and may even have to forego planned areas if they aren't prepared.

The Original Mortgage Company Hartlepool
Staff action photos, Amy at The Original Mortgage Company
  • Tidy everything non-essential, cluttered and confidential away from desks and any areas you want to be photographed.

  • Utilise rooms you don't want to be included for temporary storage

  • If you don't have a suitable area for headshots, clear a space and allow for the additional room required for lights. A well-lit space with a minimum of 3 x 3m is a great start.

  • Have branded merchandise on hand ready to feature such as literature, branded mugs, pens and office items.

  • We understand some things can't be cleaned up, like floor or wall stains, as long as you have cleared away clutter, etc photoshop is there to assist with the rest. Just don't rely on this being the answer to anything unwanted left in the shot!

Most importantly, have fun - yes it is an important investment and we want to present a professional image; but you should still have fun and feel relaxed, after all, it's a great excuse to get away from your desk!

If you have more questions about our corporate shoots, how to prepare or bookings contact us here.

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