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How to break hearts this Valentines Day...according to Eli

Who doesn't want their fair share of admirers when it comes to Valentine's Day?

Let's be honest, we're not about to turn down some tasty chocolates and some flowers are we. So, we roped in the master heart catcher to give us some tips. Eli take it away!

Take a cute pic

The number one rule of heartbreaking is cute pics, always. I like to go with the signature camera eye contact, head tilt and smile move, it gets them every time. Do you know how many extra chocolates I got in this shoot with this one? Too many 🤣

Now there's more to just cute valentine's photos than poses, I roped in Megan form MHG Photography to really help me sell this one. She found hanging hearts and a really fluffly red blanket to help add to the cuteness overload!

She even made a TikTok to show you all, how clever's that - I really do only work with the best you know.

Don't be afraid to show your personality

I find the more personality I show, the more people love me! I thought everyone would love to see how my chocolate heart looked all smushed up in my mouth - so why not show it. Megan says this is her favourite photo of the day, but I just said I've got up my sleeve!

If you find it hard to sit still because it's all so exciting don't worry about it - Megan's super patient and she really let me shine doing my own thing! That's the beauty of letting your personality show through, we even had bubbles blowing for me to catch.

The more natural the better

You know how the saying goes, treat'em mean, keep them keen! The same goes for your photos, I like to throw in the look sideways and eat something pose. It leaves everyone wanting more, plus they'll give you even more sweets for everyone that you finish - so everyone's a winner.

Take a break

As much as I make it look easy, being a heartbreaker is tiring work. Just because it comes naturally, doesn't mean I don't get exhausted doing it! So take a break, have a lie-down, and catch your breath. Megan says this is totally fine and she can even shoot you cute pics like this anyway, even if you've got chocolate all around your mouth. Maybe make sure your mum brings some extra wet wipes if you mind that sort of thing.

Choose a cool outfit

Your outfit definitely matters! But you should be comfy, I choose my favourite jumper and matching tracksuit bottoms, so I stayed warm, could pull shapes and be comfy as well as look good. If you're not sure what to wear, just ask Megan and she'll know. Like for this shoot, she told me that red and neutral was the theme so I knew my favourite jumper was perfect, just like me!

Bring a friend

I don't get nervous, but if I did I know Jude would have my back. He's a 4-year-old Jack Russel and he came to show off his heartbreak skills too!

Just have fun

My motto is if you're not having fun, then you're not going to be making someone happy and if they're not happy - then you're not likely to make them fall in love with you! So enjoy every minute, be your crazy, smiley, happy, loopy, hungry little self and you'll have more valentine's candy than you can eat come February 14th!

So there you have it! Eli's top tips on how to clean up this Valentine's Day ❤️ he totally stole our heart that's for sure! If you'd like to enquire about our Valentine's Mini Shoots get in touch here.

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