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How do I prepare for my equine photoshoot?

So, you've taken the plunge and you've booked your shoot - hurrah!

But, now you're suddenly thinking what should I expect, what do I wear, what if my horse won't stand still or put his ears forward gahhhh!?!

Well don't worry, that's what we're here for and you'll have a great time and love your photos. Here are some helpful tips to help calm those nerves and make you feel prepared.

Get some Inspiration

Pinterest is the best place for inspiration, create a photoshoot board and get saving any images that you love. It's great to have a good idea of what you'd like to get out of your shoot. We're forever saving ideas of our own to re-create, so if your unsure - let us help you out.


It's great to have a look around your own yard for little picturesque pockets. Maybe there's a holly bush, a huge old weeping willow or even an unruly patch of flowers at the edge of the arena that are pretty in their own right.

If you already know you'd like a beach or forest themed shoot, then we can help you find local spots that will enhance your photos.


If your horse doesn't stand for long, or moves when you do - don't worry too much. There's lots of photoshop magic we can create to get your dream shots. Trust us, you wouldn't believe the image above actually looked like this before editing...

Saltcreek Sundown (aka Millie) a super sweetie from Saltcreek Appaloosas, didn't stay still for long! Her owner Liz does a lot of join up with her, so she liked to stay close and follow whenever Liz tried to step back out of the shot. This was edited out afterwards and meant we didn't need to try and force her to stay still or pose. We always want it to be a great experience for you and your horse. Click to reveal the final edit of this shot >>

"Megan is a fabulous photographer who captured some stunning photographs of my horse Millie. They perfectly captured the essence of her soul and are memories I will be able to look back on and cherish. I will be getting some framed and up on the wall! Thank you Megan I love the photos and cannot recommend you highly enough. Will definitely be getting you to come back for another session!!" - Liz Buxton, Millie's owner.

Outfits for horse and Rider

Depending on the length of your session, we're happy for you both to have as many wardrobe changes as you like. Whether you want to be in your new matching riding togs, throw on their show rug or you'd love to be in a long dress - we can shoot it all.

What should I expect?

All of our shoots are friendly and very relaxed, we can talk through it as much as you like beforehand and will only ever do what you're comfortable with. We've personally owned and been around horses all our lives, so we've quite literally seen every kind of character!

We'll capture your's and your horses best side and make sure that it is all at your pace and done safely.

Larry (below) is a prime example, he's a stunning huge boy who is very sweet and a little sensitive. We stayed outside of the arena and took it nice and slow with him and achieved some stunning results. He's now a posing superstar who seems to love the camera as much as it loves him 🤩

"Highly recommend! Megan was super patient and laid back around Larry, so the atmosphere was very chilled and happy, no pressure! And the finished products speak for themself, such high quality and amazing photography skills!"- Charlotte Martin, Larry's owner.

We're happy to discuss all ideas, concerns and questions before any shoot or booking - so please don't hesitate to get in touch: or call 01642 214 008.

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