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Highfield Heaven on Earth

Last week we headed up to Highfield Retirement Livery to meet 22-year-old Sidney and while we expected to meet a lovely horse and have a nice sunset shoot, we didn't expect what we found...

After meeting owner Heather, we had a location scout of the farm to pick out some great spots to photography Sidney. Next thing, we turn a corner to reveal the sun setting over rolling hills and fields for as far as the eye could see (almost 250 acres) and many, many happy horses and cows. We thought we were in Montanna, not Thirsk!

‘Letting horses be horses’

Highfield Retirement Livery

For anyone, let alone a horse lover it was truly a magical and (emotional) sight. Seeing so many animals so happy, healthy and living as nature intended was just beautiful. Being greeted by the entire herd running over to welcome Sidney back after his photoshoot had us lost for words.

Heather and her team offer fantastic all-inclusive livery packages including:

  • Foot trimming as required

  • Annual Booster

  • Worming/parasite program

  • Hay/Haylage

  • Straw

  • Feed

  • Rug wash and reproof (up to 3 rugs per year)

  • Dentist

  • Fly spray and sun cream as needed

  • Monthly updates

If the weather/ground is bad the horses have crew yard barns, where they're able to stay in their herds and move around and interact with one another. Perfect for those suffering from arthritis or other conditions dampened by a lack of movement. This gives them the best of both worlds as they have the comforts of shelter, hay/straw, feed, and the careful watchful eye of the wonderful yard staff.

With all shapes and sizes of horses, it was so amazing to see them living so happily in their natural state. We're sure any horse living here couldn't possibly be happier with the life they are able to have and it's such a credit to the world Heather Barker has been able to create for them alongside her husband Mike.

Heather holds a degree in Equine Sports Science (with Equestrian Psychology) and has a master’s degree in Equine Health and Welfare. While studying for both these degrees she specialised in Equine Nutrition and presented at the 5th European Workshop on Equine Nutrition in 2010. After leaving university she went to work for one of the UK’s leading premix manufacturers (vitamin and minerals for animal diets) working alongside some of the best equine nutritionists.

Mike has lived on the farm all of his life and as well as managing the land, he owns and runs Highfield Equestrian Stables and Arenas. As you can imagine, the horses are never short of lovely stables/shelter with Mike around.

To find out more about Highfield Retirement Livery, you can contact Heather and her team here.

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