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Equine Marketing Series: Mastering social media with Baxter Equine Services.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

So last week we kicked off our equine marketing blog series and we did promise you some powerhouse equestrians would be joining us…

This week we caught up with grooming extraordinaire Nikki Baxter, of Baxter Equine Services! Yes those plaits are real and you’re not just dreaming 

Niki has built up an incredible following across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube sharing her work, grooming tips and product reviews to help keep your horse’s beauty routine in better check than your own. 

What have been your keys to success with growing an audience? 

I try to post at least once a day if I can, and I try to vary what I post - a good mix of photos and videos. It’s important to make your post-eye-catching, you want to draw your audiences attention to you, so good quality photos and videos, good lighting, and something interesting to look at was what works for me. 

What percentage of your business comes from social media? 

I find that most of my actual clipping business comes from my Facebook business page, but my online work is largely based on my Instagram account. I find that the ages of my target audience vary quite a bit between the two platforms, with younger viewers using Instagram and slightly older using Facebook. 

Have you ever used paid advertising for your business or has it been solely organic?

No, I haven’t used paid advertising before. My account has grown organically. I think paid advertising would work amazingly well for some other types of business, but as I’m a very small, one man groom based in Glasgow, I don’t need to advertise further afield. 

What would you say to any business owners who are hesitant to use social media?

I 100% recommend using social media to advertise your business. It’s a totally free marketing platform, and I can’t see a downside to using it!

Which platforms have brought you the most success/business? 

In my case, two different platforms have brought me two different type of work - despite me posting fairly similar content on both. Facebook Business has helped me to make my clipping and freelance groom business flourish in my local Glasgow area, but with Instagram, I have hit a more geographically diverse audience and it’s brought me a lot more online work (marketing/product testing/tutorials etc). 

What are your top social media tips? 

I check my stats on Instagram regularly to see what time of day my audience is most active. Using relevant hashtags for my posts, interacting with followers. Using all the features like stories, lives, and making calls to action are amazing for interaction. I make sure to post regular, (hopefully) interesting posts at least once a day - if I can get this done 5 days a week then I’m quite happy!

Any tips in how to get into habits of remembering to capture content?

I always have my phone with me, and if a nice moment happens I make sure to capture it! I try to keep a stock of photos to use at a later date as well. I plan ‘photoshoots’ out when I’m plaiting or grooming and try to get at least 10 photos that I really like to showcase my work. 

Best advice for creating quality content? 

A good camera is very helpful, but I don’t think you need to blow the bank on expensive equipment. I just use my iPhone and a tripod or get a friend to help me record. There’s a lot of free editing apps available. Creating eye-catching posts, and offering up hints and tips seem to be very popular, and are the ‘satisfying to watch’ videos. Not everything has to be complicated, some of the simple posts work out to be my best ones. 

Any top tips for engaging an equine audience?

Interesting angles and clear photos work for me. It’s easy to blend in with the rest of the horsey posts, so finding a way to stand out is important I think! 

If you’re as in love with Niki’s work as we are you can get in touch via her Instagram, Facebook or website. If you’re not following already go and FOLLOW NOW

Huge thanks to Niki for joining the series this week with great advice for mastering your social channels. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram to get notified about our next instalment and just who may be offering up their marketing advice!

Comment below or get in touch if you have a marketing-related questions.

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