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A little play in the park!

Amelia and Kate had a ball at Ropner Park in Stockton, all in preparation of Mother's Day Sunday the 22nd of March.

Ropner Park has stacks of activities for all that family and even better they're all FREE!

- Feed the ducks and swans in the landscaped ponds

- Play hide and seek around all the many trees and man made features

- Make a wish in the magical fountain

- Play tennis on the purpose built tennis courts

- Stop for an ice cream or nice warm coffee in the cafe

- Swing to your hearts content in the fantastic play park

- Take your dog on an idyllic park setting walk

- Get MHG Photography to capture every minute! ;)

"Fantastically restored Victoria park well maintained with cafe that does real home made food & cakes, band stand with live music, duck pond (you can buy feed from cafe 15p a bag) clean play area, tennis courts, Dogs welcome and loads of open space where family can have a picnic, must go more often ps they have loads of events on so check web site." - Peter, Stockton.

Check out more reviews here.

"Lovely extremely well maintained park in Stockton- large lake with many different varieties of bird - free entry and a lovely little cafe." - Melanie Underwood.

There's a huge range of things you can do at the Park to keep all the family active and healthy. Fit For Sport shared their ideas to get everyone fighting fit:

1- Running – It’s the simplest way to get fit. You don’t need to be sporty or very well coordinated and running amongst the beautiful surroundings of a park will only add to the pleasure.

2- Walking - Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that’s easy, free and beneficial to everyone’s long term health. A leisurely stroll taking in the sites, smells & sounds of nature will benefit both mind and body.

3- Playing sports/games – Parks offer vast spaces to roam free which are hard to find in most cities in the UK nowadays. Bring a football, bat and ball or whatever you enjoy playing and embrace the open space with family or a group of friends.

4- Take a bike ride – Cycling in large parks with picturesque routes can be a really satisfying form of exercise, as well as being a cheap and pollution-free means of getting about, it can really improve lower body strength.

5- Discovery Day - Dedicate one day a week where you as a family dare to try a new form of active fun in the park, something you've never tried before, it could be as simple as coming up with alternative routes & parks to walk, run or cycle through.

6- Collect souvenirs upon your travels - Go that extra mile by collecting some of the colourful autumn leaves, conkers or whatever it may along your journey. When you return home create some artistic collages, be as imaginative as you can as it's a great way to retain positive memories of your experiences.

7- Outdoor gyms - More and more are being built in local parks throughout the country and although they may not boast the technology of the archetype indoor gym equipment, they are completely free and most even have child friendly stations to boot.

Get in touch with us if you'd like a park themed shoot today!

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