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2022 Wedding Trends We Love

As a wedding photographer, we get to see a lot of weddings and everyone's unique take on their big day. From marquees in farmers' fields to owls flying the rings down the aisles in castles, we absolutely love seeing all the different options and takes on wedding days.

However, are we partial to a wedding trend? Hell yes!

We've pulled together our favourite upcoming wedding trends for 2022 and secretly hope to see them this year.

Traditional and Statement Veils

Baby's Breath

Although traditional white baby's breath is a trend this year, we love the colourful options just as much! Great for Spring and Summer, earthy and natural weddings alike. Baby's breath adds another layer of texture to your bouquets and flower arrangements with a whimsical yet artistic touch.

Rented Wedding Dresses

No longer just a solution for the budget-conscious, bridal gown hire is now a popular choice for the eco-conscious, those wanting a designer dress, or to tick their 'something borrowed' box. There are a wide range of stunning dresses available from multiple rental companies that will be sure to help you say "Yes to the Dress!"

'The global online clothing rental market is expected to grow by nearly £700 million ($990m) over the next four years. Expect more specialist wedding dress rental services to emerge as well as dress rental services like By Rotation and Hurr Collective to branch out into the bridal market.' -

Add some sparkles

If your wedding ceremony is set later in the day, it does cut down your opportunity to have couple photographs before you eat and welcome your evening guests. Adding sparkler shots are a great way to capture more magical moments and really give your wedding and photos that WOW factor!

Champagne Tower/Pop

The age-old tradition has been the cake cutting followed by the first dance, however, a new trend has been creeping into the fold. Champagne towers are a great cake-cutting alternative or addition to any wedding reception and they're certainly a fun way to kick off your evening celebrations with your evening guests arriving.

They certainly add a touch of class to your big day and a nod to the glamorous 1920's and any Great Gatsby lover.

So there you have it, our top pick on 2022's wedding trends! If you're still looking for a photographer for 2022 or beyond then be sure not to miss our wedding packages.

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